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Remove unsightly hair

Be rid all types of hair at a lower price

What is electrolysis?

When you want to remove all types of hair, the most affordable and effective way to do it is through electrolysis. This probe therapy system is a better way to remove thick, fine, light, or dark hair.


Schedule your appointment today with our specialist, Renee Watring, and you'll be amazed with the results. Utilizing our system, which combines three of the top 5 electrolysis methods, Renee will have you looking great in no time. And the best part about electrolysis is it's more affordable than traditional laser hair removal.


Schedule regular appointments

The skin has many follicles and follows what is known as the hair growth cycle. In this process, there are follicles producing hair and follicles that are resting (not producing hair). We can only treat the hair-producing follicles, so you should schedule regular electrolysis treatments to keep unwanted hair away.


Other services

 -  Eyelash tinting

 -  Brow tinting

 -  Eyelash perms

 -  Permanent make-up


Feel as great as you look

If you've come in for an electrolysis treatment, chances are you're looking better than ever. Why not make sure the rest of your body is feeling great too with a relaxing massage therapy session? Let our certified massage therapist, Heather, help you be rid of those annoying aches and pains.