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Hair and beauty

Find a great selection of products at great prices

Beauty products at your fingertips

Keeping your hair healthy and shiny is simple. We offer a wide variety of luxurious hair products at affordable prices for you to choose from, including Moroccan Oil, Matrix, REF (Reference of Sweden), Baco, and FairyTales Hair Care for Children and more.


For expert advice on the best product for your specific hair type, speak with one of skilled hair technicians. They can assess your hair's condition and give you the advice you need to keep it silky and radiant.

Gorgeous Skin and Nails Await

Put your best  face forward with expert skin care advice from our licensed technicians combined with renowned skin care lines. Soft glowing skin can be yours with just minimal effort. We also carry a wide variety of nail polishes and shellacs.


Products for you

 -  Hair products

 -  Traditional polish

 -   Shellac polish

 -   Advanced skin care


Now is the time. Walk-ins are always welcome.

Today is your day, so make it a beautiful one. When you take the time out to care for your skin and nails, you'll feel special. The difference shows, so make sure you are using the highest quality products available.