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Look great all the time

Stop in for a long-lasting, permanent make-up treatment

Never have to apply make up again

Perfect for those who don't have the time to apply eye liner and brows, or who have light or thinning brows, permanent make-up is a safe, non-surgical procedure of applying pigment to the skin. This is also great for those with limited mobility or a high sensitivity to beauty products.


Renee Watring is our experienced permanent make-up artist, specializing in creating a stunning look for you that will last forever. Call now to schedule your appointment  with Renee and transform yourself.

Safe and permanent eye make-up

Permanent eye make-up is a simple and safe procedure that is applied by an experienced professional that will make it easier for you to be radiant at any moment. You'll never have to worry about running out of eye liner or brow pencil again.



 -  Partial eye lined

 -  Full eye lined

 -  Eye brows

 -  Beauty mark


When it's time for a touch up, we're here


The term Permanent Cosmetics is actually extended-wear cosmetics and will fade in varying degrees with different clients. Some clients may need a maintenance application sooner than others. Our expert make-up artist is happy to assist with touch-ups for your already applied makeup.