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The best way to treat your skin problem is to come in for a consultation. We'll work with you and learn your specific needs before a treatment plan is devised. While it is not required, we strongly recommend that  you schedule a consultation if you require a specialized facial.


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 - European facials

 - Masking and peels

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 - Deep exfoliations


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Let our expert make-up technicians apply your make-up today and see yourself in a whole new light.  Their application techniques will enhance and turn your natural beauty into a stunning radiance, sure to make you feel special. Click here to learn more about our temporary and permanent make-up services.

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Do you have unsightly acne?  Do you have oily or dry skin? Or would you just like to look a little younger? If you answered yes to any of these questions, stop in to Madison Salon West today and let us help you.


Our expert esthetician, Ree Walsh, will work with you on a custom facial treatment to alleviate any skin problems you're facing.